Frank Doutheil – Horsemanship

“A great horseman hears his horse talking to him, a great horseman can hear the horse whisper, but a bad horseman does not even hear the horse” screaming.”

The focus of „Frank Doutheil Horsemanship” isdeveloping anatural partnership, harmony, and unity with your horse.This  includes working both on the ground and riding, allowing the unfolding of a relationship in which the whole horse and rider may come together in their greatest potential. In this process, our best teacher is the horse.

Frank Doutheil Horsemanship includes:

  • Relating on the ground, for communication,
    connection and cooperation
  • Learning from the inside out
  • Real safety for you and your horse
  • Riding for true connection
  • Bridle less riding
  • Collected riding with true lightness
  • Positive communication
  • New enjoyment and inspiration